MEAL5 is a dedicated team of folks committed to making healthy, everyday eating easy, for the seasoned professional to the novice. Our team includes content creators, recipe developers, writers and (of course) cooks.

Our Founder, Mary Mentzer, launched MEAL5 to make meal planning really simple and super accessible. She figured, if she can take care of all the details and difficult stuff, people could successfully achieve preparing healthy meals consistently in spite of their super busy lives.  Before launching MEAL5 online, she tested her meal plans on countless busy families, from the clueless cooks to the seasoned chefs. She arrived at the “5 ingredients” (hence MEAL5) because she wanted meal preparation to be a no-brainer. Here’s what some of these folks had to say:

"Eating healthy has always taken a backseat in my life because it screamed more work...until I used MEAL5. The program takes the obstacles out of the way so we can eat healthier. I am also a self-proclaimed non-exerciser (much to Mary’s dismay) and still lost 20 pounds on this program." —Shana Finnegan, COO

Meal5 Team


In general, people started to lose weight, families enjoyed their nightly meals together again and individuals started to realize their wellness goals. Mary saw first-hand that the difficulty was in the planning. People's commitment and desire to eat healthier are important, but having help with the planning and organizing made it easier. So, after graduating from Le Cordon Bleu with high honors, Mary set out to develop recipes and a system that could turn anyone into a cook.

Today, we are MEAL5, and that same commitment to simplicity, ease and good health remains at the core of what we do. And now, Mary's right there in the kitchen with you, in all of our how-to recipe videos. So if you're one of the many people out there who wants to eat a little better, cook a little more or just plain learn to cook, we couldn't be more excited to be on your team. MEAL5 was born to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle—the simple, easy way.

We'll see you in the kitchen!

Mary & the MEAL5 Team