How many calories do others really need a day to maintain or lose weight? Here’s the bad news. The more we age, the less we need to eat. Our metabolisms slow down, and we just don’t need that much food. What we do eat needs to be the really good stuff.
There are many ways to trim up our favorite comfort foods so they are healthier and still taste delicious. By substituting healthier ingredients, you can reduce the amount of fat, calories and sodium by a third or even half. Here are some simple tricks to lighten up your favorite comfort foods.
Why on earth would someone make their own ketchup? You add a dollop to a burger or fries or the occasional hot dog. It’s not like you eat a ton of it. You may go through a bottle every couple of months, and that’s if you eat a lot of ketchup. Still, it intrigued me because no one ever questions ketchup, or mustard, or mayonnaise.
Spring at the farmers market is the best. I go every Saturday with some member of my family depending on how early I go. I always get a fresh squeezed orange juice and split a breakfast burrito with whichever loved one has chosen to join me. The food is so fresh, the vibes are good, and I feel like I’m part of a healthy community.
Everyone hits hard patches in their lives. In a lot of cases, it’s life’s hardships that make you stronger and wiser. I’ve seen people who have gone through great hardship and remained positive despite their despair, and I’ve watched those who let the anguish turn into constant negativity and pessimism.
There is a fine line between having enough fat so your burger has good flavor and having too little so it ends up a dry, flavorless meat blob. I mix my 85% lean ground beef with a little 90% lean.  You can also cut your burger portion down to 3 oz. That will save you about 40–50 calories.
The good news is that we know what we should and shouldn’t be eating. What we are still struggling with is: how much of it we should eat? Even when we are eating foods that are low in calories, controlling portions is very important. It teaches your body to be satisfied on less volume. The older you get, the more portions come into play because, as your metabolism slows down, you need to reduce the amount of food you eat in order to prevent that 3–5 pound weight gain every year. The reality is you just don’t need to eat that much food.
I sorta feel like everyone’s mother these days. I’m at a certain age where my kids are grown and I spend a lot of time “coaching.”  I’m not allowed to tell anybody what to do anymore so I “coach.”  It seems to keep the peace. I’m hoping I can “coach” others on a very important topic: eating healthy meals together as a family.