Healthy Meal Plans


Healthy eating meal plan are designed by food experts at MEAL5

If you're busy-yes
If you’re busy-yes!

By the end of your crazy day you just want a good healthy dinner.  MEAL5 can make that happen.  This program was designed for you. You have a plan and simple, short video recipes to follow that make it a no-brainer! Make a healthy meal every day.

If you're cooking impaired
If you're cooking impaired
No problem!

Don’t know which end of the knife to grab? With this plan, you’re good to go. Most of the recipes are 5 ingredients, and our short, simple video recipes make it easy to learn. You’ll be cooking confidently in no time.

If you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle
If you’ve chosen to live a healthier lifestyle Let us help!
Let us help!

This video meal program is a tool your whole family can use. Let family members choose from a wide variety of healthy delicious video recipes.


Shanna Finnegan, COO

"Eating healthy has always taken a backseat in my life because it screamed more work...until I used Meal5. The program takes the obstacles out of the way so we can eat healthier. I am also a self-proclaimed non-exerciser and still lost 20 pounds on this program.”

Sandra Nelson,
Advertising Executive

"I jumped at the opportunity to be one of Meal 5’s recipe tasters because I didn’t believe the “5 ingredient or less” promise. I imagined blah-blah-bland, but the meals were just the opposite: tasty, fresh and varied. I love food but could never find the time (excuse!) to cook for myself. Meal 5 demonstrated that it’s actually easy to cook healthy and tasty meals with 5 ingredients or less.”

Monique Werry,
Pharmaceutical Rep

Before I started cooking with Mary, my motto was, ‘I only have a kitchen because it came with the house.’ I did not cook. I have 3 daughters under age 3 and I work full-time. I was blown away by the program. Not only did it change my relationship with food, I now love to cook!”