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Here’s a collection of easy video recipes by, a simple healthy meal planning tool, designed to help people who know they should be eating healthier, accomplish this on a consistent basis. Most recipes on are 5 ingredients or less and are short (around 1 minute) easy to follow cooking video recipes for viewing on your tablet or smartphone. There are four different meal plans to choose from:
1. Classic - simple dishes created using lean cuts of meats and fresh ingredients.
2. Family Friendly - (for picky eaters) that appeal to simpler tastes.
3. Gluten-free - just like it sounds, we stay away from gluten.
4. Vegetarian - tasty recipes that stay away from meat and fish. Each plan has simple, healthy recipes that avoid heavily processed foods and use fresh, readily available ingredients.
These quick cooking videos are easy to learn from so you can make delicious healthy meals for you and your loved ones and live the healthy lifestyle that you know is good for you and your family.