Jun 20,2017
The good news is that we know what we should and shouldn’t be eating. What we are still struggling with is: how much of it we should eat? Even when we are eating foods that are low in calories, controlling portions is very important. It teaches your body to be satisfied on less volume. The older you get, the more portions come into play because, as your metabolism slows down, you need to reduce the amount of food you eat in order to prevent that 3–5 pound weight gain every year. The reality is you just don’t need to eat that much food.
Jun 14,2017
I sorta feel like everyone’s mother these days. I’m at a certain age where my kids are grown and I spend a lot of time “coaching.”  I’m not allowed to tell anybody what to do anymore so I “coach.”  It seems to keep the peace. I’m hoping I can “coach” others on a very important topic: eating healthy meals together as a family.  
Jun 05,2017
We have stories. Stories of home-made mac and cheese dumped to the wayside in favor of the stuff in the box. The multi courses served at dinner in hopes that something will appeal to them only to be faced with “I’m just not hungry.” The reaction you get every time. “Why do we have to have that?” when they ask what’s for dinner. Finally finding something that works for everyone only to find out the following week that “It doesn’t smell the same.”
Mar 24,2017

Navigating the world of food can be something akin to being abandoned in a jungle.

Your participation is non-negotiable, the choices are endless, and often, it's a battle between what is convenient, and what will serve you in the long term. To say the least, the odds are stacked against fresh produce and cooking at home when pretty packaging and processed foods promise faster, easier and—the real kicker—cheaper results. But, the value of produce vs. that of processed is negotiable, and even misrepresented in grocery stores run on measuring value by pounds as opposed to servings. Check this out: Produce can be cheaper, with the addition of a little planning.

Mar 24,2017

My daughter Grace is obsessed with Nike. She loves the clothes, the shoes, the socks… anything with the iconic swish. I think it’s mostly because the clothes are comfortable and she’s an athlete, but also because Grace has a ‘Just Do It’ mindset. Of course, this mindset is applied to mostly eating, running and video gaming –and selectively not applied to cleaning her room. Regardless, I can’t help but think we can all learn something from the iconic tag line.

Jun 16,2016
Do you know what you just put into your mouth? The answer may not be as obvious as it seems. In this day of processed food, people are often getting more than they are aware of in their food with consequences they do not intend. We’re going to explore the history and impact of processed foods and then look at a simple healthy meal plan using 5 ingredients or less.
Jun 16,2016

It's seven thirty. I've just picked up 2 out of 3 daughters from a variety of school activities, and I have no food in the house. I'm scheming in my head as the girls bicker about things I'll never understand. Sometimes I awaken in the middle of the night and ask myself what is a Pokemon?