How to Make Watermelon, Bacon Feta Salad

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It seems like a weird combination but you’ll be amazed. Start with crisp watermelon pieces. Add a couple of slices of cooked bacon crumbled up into small pieces. Sprinkle a little feta and fresh mint over the top, and it’s done! This summer salad is refreshing, flavorful and beautiful to look at. Bring it to your next gathering and friends will be begging for the recipe.

1 small watermelon
¾ cup Feta cheese (brick, not the already-crumbled variety)
1½ pieces of center cut bacon
¾ cup fresh mint leaves (or 5 chives, your choice)

Step #1:  Preparing the bacon and watermelon

In a skillet, cook bacon until crispy. Crumble into small pieces and set aside.
Cut watermelon into very pretty ½-inch cubes. Sprinkle bacon onto watermelon.

Step #2:  Adding mint

Sprinkle mint leaves (or chives) over bacon and watermelon



Step #3:  Adding feta cheese

Sprinkle feta cheese over mint.

Step #4:  Finish 

Chill salad for 15 minutes and serve.