Jan 13,2018
It’s a new year, and we’re all off to the races. Routines are back in place and households are running like well-oiled machines. Families are recommitted to eating better, but busy schedules make that nearly impossible to achieve on a consistent basis. Why is getting a home-cooked meal on the table SO hard? The answer is that it doesn’t have to be if you break it down into easy steps.
Jan 04,2018
Everyone has problems. Everyone has times that are more stressful than others. Life is full of little (and big) hiccups. The key is learning how to manage them. The better you get at solving problems, the easier it will be to work through them.
Dec 27,2017

Being a single parent is especially hard during the holidays. The commercials are all filled with picture-perfect families living in beautiful places, happy and hopeful. These serve as a frequent reminder that your life pretty much sucks.

Dec 04,2017
To say the least, you are time-strapped, and getting a healthy dinner on the table can be overwhelming. Not only are you juggling the job and the kids, but the meals and housework. Getting anything on the table is a victory, but what if getting easy, healthy, delicious meals on the table was almost as easy as picking up take-out? We’re here for you with a guide to help you make it happen.
Sep 20,2017
My daughter is obsessed with Nike. She loves the clothes, the shoes, the socks… anything with the iconic swish. I think it’s mostly because the clothes are comfortable and she’s an athlete, but also because she has a ‘Just Do It’ mindset. Of course, this mindset is applied to mostly eating, running and video gaming—and selectively not applied to cleaning her room. Regardless, I can’t help but think we can all learn something from the iconic tag line.
Sep 17,2017
It makes sense, doesn’t it? You squish something, and more of its essence comes out. The trick is to know when it works for you and when it doesn’t. If you grate a lemon, you get a more lemony taste. Yum. If you put garlic through a garlic press, it REALLY intensifies the garlic flavor. That could be good or bad depending on whom you plan to kiss that night.
Aug 10,2017
I have 3 daughters, each 5 years apart, and all were fortunate enough to go to college. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about how to help kids transition into living independently and learning to take care of themselves.
Aug 08,2017
Comfort food is defined as “ food that gives emotional comfort to the one eating it. These tend to be favorite foods of childhood, or linked to a person, place or time with which the food has a positive association.”