Single Parent and blended family stress relievers

Mom-Meditating .jpgEveryone has problems. Everyone has times that are more stressful than others. Life is full of little (and big) hiccups. The key is learning how to manage them. The better you get at solving problems, the easier it will be to work through them.

Being a good problem solver is a valuable trait. It means that, in the face of a glitch, you don’t overreact or freak out, but you work through it calmly, thoroughly and systematically. When stressful times hit, one of the things that frequently happens is that we are so wrapped up in the stress we don’t take care of ourselves; and by neglecting our fundamental needs, we make it even harder to cope. 


When my kids were out in the world and they would hit one of life’s roadblocks, they would often call me, upset and anxious. I would always suggest these three simple things:





1. Take a hot shower or bath

2. Get a good night’s sleep

3. Eat a simple, healthy meal


Take a good hot shower.

This one is easy. Nothing feels better after a busy day than to take a nice hot shower and let the stress go right down the drain. A hot shower can be beneficial to your mental and physical health. Your skin is the largest organ on your body. It coats and protects your body. By cleansing the skin, you remove dirt and germs and release impurities. A shower will warm you up after a cold winter’s day, and it will put you in a better mood and relax you. A hot shower or bath has been found to decrease stress and reduce insomnia.

Get a good night’s sleep.

Problems can easily bring on insomnia. There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night and worrying through the rest of it. Problems always seem to be magnified in the middle of the night. If this happens, there are a few things you can do to help you relax and get back to sleep.

A. Keep a journal close by and write down your thoughts. Then you’ll be reassured that you’ll have them in the morning when you are rested.

B. Take deep breaths. It will relax you and help you get back to sleep.

C. Tell yourself not to worry right now. Have a little pep talk with yourself and reassure yourself that you’ll be able to solve this problem much better in the light of day. Then go back to deep breathing.

Eat a simple, healthy meal.

This is actually the hardest of the three, but it doesn’t have to be. To make yourself a good, healthy meal, you need a plan and the ingredients to make the meal.  There are simple cooking demo videos out there that can quickly teach you how to make something deliciously nutritious. You’ll learn time-saving tips on how to prepare healthy meals at home. It can be easy, relaxing and a good distraction from the stressors in life. Try this example:


Embed P26 Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps Video


This healthy dinner is only five ingredients, and it comes together quickly and is healthy for you. Video recipes are easy-to-use tools for blended family meal planning or single parent cooking. If you fuel your body in a good way, it will give you the strength you need to solve life’s problems and more.


Not all problems are created equal. Things like the death of a loved one, a break-up, divorce, or single parenting are big problems that take a long time and lots of energy to work through. It’s when you are hurting the most that you can rely on these three tips to help you manage the stress and give yourself the best frame of mind to get through the really difficult times.


These three simple tips worked equally well when my kids were young and old. After they showered, slept and ate a decent meal, they felt much better and were able to get through the tough stuff a little easier. Life’s full of bumps, but it’s our ability to ride over them that often defines who we are. 


If you enjoyed this article and would like to share it with a friend, please do. At, our mission is to help single parents, busy families and people who are anxious and stressed eat good food with simple, easy recipes and healthy meal plans. They are offered as quick cooking videos that are easy to learn from. Thank you for taking time to read this article. Eat well! Sleep well! Feel better!